Stock thermal paste or Cooler Master thermal paste on new CPU?

I'm building my new rig with i5 3570 CPU (not K). I don't plan to overclock the CPU at any point of time. The stock cooler came with a stock grey thermal paste. Should I scrape it off and use my old Cooler Master 'High Performance Thermal Compound?'

I want the CPU to run as cool as possible, with the stock HSF, for I want good longevity from it. I do plenty of HD video processing and gaming. Here in summer, the Room Temps soar to 40C. The mainboard is Gigabyte P75 D3.

Please advice. Thank you.
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  1. "I want the CPU to run as cool as possible.."

    Don't use the stock cooler. you can pick up the Cooler master 212 + for probably not miss than few bob more than you'd pay for the goo stick!

    If you don't care about the stock, then don't bother changing the goo. You may notice 1 or degrees, but nothing to get excited about, and certainly nothing that's going to lower your fan revs or extend the life of your cpu.
  2. Your stock cooler will do just fine if you plan to do lots of software rendering etc. You will be needing a better cooler IF you plan to overclock. It really doesn't matter if you put the CM Thermal or leave the thermal that came with the cooler. You wont notice a difference, maybe 1 degree.
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    It's always best to go for an after-market CPU Cooler. However, the stock cooler will be perfectly fine if you're not running the CPU under heavy load for an extended period of time. As for the thermal paste, removing the thermal paste that comes with the stock Intel cooler will provide little benefit. The only thing that can be said for the thermal paste is it is generally thicker than needed.
  4. Thanks a lot, everyone, for your wonderful answers! Every one of them helped a lot. :) I don't know which answer to pick as the best, for, that'd be an injustice to the other answers, which were equally helpful. :)
  5. Oh well, those best answers are helpfull though! I'd appreciate if you just selected one :)
    Glad to hear you got it fixed.
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