Which Video Card would be better?

Should I choose the GTX 770 or the HD 7970 GHz. Edition?

Please and Thank You! :)
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    Hey. Here are some benchmarks between them -
    Overall 7970 GHz is a little bit better but it depends on what are you going to play.
  2. Also some theoritical comparisons between these cards
  3. Go with Gtx 770
    See Full comarising

    Gtx 770 $429

    N770 Lightning (GeForce GTX 770 LIGHTNING

    Based on the latest evolution of NVIDIA GPU - GTX 770, this card is built around 1536 CUDA cores running at 1150MHz Base Clock and 1202MHz Boost Clock with 2GB/256bit GDDR5 memory clocked at incredible 7010MHz effective memory frequency. It produces amazingly beautiful graphics and lifelike environmental interaction in the hottest DirectX 11 game titles. You'll enjoy a new level of realism in your favorite FPS, RTS, MMORPG and RACING games. The MSI-exclusive Afterburner utility enables you to extract more performance by tuning vital GPU parameters. Military Class Components with advanced Twin Froza IV thermal design allow you to game with full confidence. An array of advanced NVIDIA technology — including GPU BOOST 2.0, NVIDIA Adaptive V-Sync, NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround, and NVIDIA PhysX — offers you more than one way to elevate your gaming experience.

    Advanced Thermal DesignThe Twin Froza IV thermal design delivers best-in-class cooling capability you can rely on in demanding use. Dual form-in-one heatsink provides better heat dissipation and strengthen the structure. Dust Removal technology on Twin Frozr IV keeps the dust out for best thermal condition.

    •newegg Military Class III ComponentsThis graphics card uses the Military Class III Components such as Copper MOS, Hi-c CAP, Golden SSC and Dark Solid CAP to enhance the overclocking headroom under high-load conditions.
    •newegg Unlocked Digital PowerThis card boasts an all-new Unlocked Digital Power architecture that
    provides record breaking potential. The key components involved include the Unlocked BIOS, digital PWM chipset, and an enhanced power supply design. Unlocked BIOS allows one-click unlocking of all protection for extreme overclocking. Digital PWM controller provides more stable and precise voltage by digital signal. Enhanced power design outputs 2x power for maximum OC potential.

    •newegg GPU ReactorGPU Reactor is the MSI exclusive design for the overclocking stability. An add-on device on the back of graphics cards provide 200% higher power capacity and eliminate power noise (ripple).

    •newegg NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0Ensure that the GPU runs at its peak and the game is at its highest frame rate possible. It offers new levels of customization, including GPU temperature target, overclocking, and unlocked voltage.

    •newegg NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical SyncNothing is more distracting than framerate stuttering and screen tearing. The first tends to occur when framerates are low, the second when framerates are high. Adaptive V-Sync is a smarter way to render frames. At high framerates, V-sync is enabled to eliminate tearing, at low frame rates, it's disabled to minimize stuttering. It gets rid of distractions so you can get on with gaming.

    here Is the full review ;-
    {Must read :) }

    One Thing best About Lightning Is -Gpu reactor
  4. Whoah, Thanks for the fast and helpful replies guys! I'm still abit confused though since both cards have mixed benchmarks. :)
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