Computer Takes ages to boot (10-15 mins) Windows XP

My PC is taking 10-15 mins to boot and when it eventually gets to the login screen, it goes back to the post screen. When on safe mode, the login screen will remain on the screen for a few minutes then goes back to the post screen. I am currently running Windows XP because i have always regarded it as 'The OS that works'.

Computer Spec.
CPU = AMD Phenom II X4 850 95W
Motherboard = ASRock 990FX Extreme 3 (New)
Asus M5A/USB3 (Old)
RAM = 8gb DDR3 (2x4gb)
PSU = XFX 850W Pro
Graphics = Sapphire 7770ghz edition
HDD = WD Caviar Green 1TB
Disk Drive = Samsung SH-224DB
Case = CiT Vantage Gaming Case

Additional Info: I did use 'unleashing mode' on my old motherboard, don't know if that would have made things worse. When my computer did work, the Blue Screen of Death was a very frequent appearance.


Edit: Now can't get past the post screen so unable to run anything without transferring hard drive to a different PC.
Edit: Transferred hard drive and running lifeguard. Nothing has popped up telling me my hard drive is going to explode
Edit: Lifeguard says my Hard Drive is fine (extended scan)
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  1. Best answer
    run memtest86 (google it)
    or try to change the HDD. I had the same symptoms with a faulty HDD.
  2. I'm going to suggest running Western Digital's Data Lifeguard Diagnostics to check the health of your hard drive
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