My power supply has been making a crackling noise. Need help finding a new one.

I bought a computer about 4-5 months and recently the power supply has been making noises. So, when I googled it said that the power supply is bad, the fan is crooked, and a few other things I forgot. Since fixing all of that is above my knowledge, I though replacing it would be easier. However I don't know what's compatible or how to even install it. I'm new to upgrading computers, I bought this one with the intent to upgrade it later and learn.

This is my computer: Item #N82E16883258024 . This power supply in the picture is not the same as the one in the computer. The one in the computer is a "GreenMe 650w power supply" I believe.

This is the power supply I though might replace it: Item #N82E16817139012

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Thank you for your time.
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    That is an excellent choice for a PSU. It's wise to switch from an InWin GreenMe (made by Powerman) to a Corsair HX650 (made by Seasonic). Go for it. It has a higher efficiency rating and is a very high quality unit.
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