What kind of Cooler will need if i want to overclock the CPU to 4.5Ghz?

I'm gonna be using this for gaming.

I'm gonna be using ASUS VG Series VG278HE 27-Inch Screen.

I'm gonna use Dual SLI GTX 780.

I'm gonna use the Intel 3930K.

I'm only gonna overclock the CPU I might overclock the GPU a little bit.

Here is the link for the Asus monitor:

Also for the GPU i'm probably gonna use either the ASUS or the EVGA.
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    With your budget, I would buy a Noctua nh-D14 or phanteks assuming you have 160mm height available.
    That will really be more than you need, for your oc, but a better cooler can be quieter with slow turning 140mm fans.

    I think you may be overkill with that cpu and sli gtx780 on a 1080P monitor.
    I might have considered a 30" 2560 x 1600 monitor.
    But, since budget does not seem to be an issue, go for it.
  2. A good one!
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