Weird stubborn usb problem

I was helping a friend reformat their computer which didnt have a dvd drive so I made a bootable USB with poweriso and was able to install it fine no probs.

Now I went to reformat my USB drive just to get all the install stuff off and it formatted fine but now when ever I try to put anything on the drive it just says that windows can't find the file I'm trying to transfer. I use any other drive and boom file transfers no problem. Anyone know what could be causing this? Is there any USB formatting tools out there better than the standard right click, properties, format ?
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    You can do it in Disk Management under Computer Management, but it probably runs the same executable as right-clicking the drive. Make sure to uncheck "Quick Format" as this has been documented to cause problems more often than the regular slow format.

    What file system are you running on? I'm going to assume FAT32?
  2. yep that did it. unchecked the "quick format" and after a long time formatting all is well. just running it at the normal FAT32. thanks for the help!
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