Water Cooling 109 - Gadgets and Doodads ?

Ninth in a series of water cooling threads spurred by the recent uptick in questions on the topic..... see starter thread here:

Water Cooling 101 - Should I or Why Bother ?

This thread is obviously intended to focus on Gadgets and Doodads. What is a worthwhile addition and what is an unnecessary expense ? Again, the THG Water Cooling Sticky is a great place to start.

This thread is intended as a spot to share ideas on the subject of Gadgets and Doodads. I'll start on what I picked up so far.

Pump Heat Sink and Fan - Drops temp from 52C to 25C

Reservoir Pressure Equalization Membrane - Started thinking about this more when I chose a glass reservoir as excess vacuum could be catastrophic

Temperature Sensor - Takes up a valuable reservoir port but seems a worthwhile addition.

Flow Sensor - Only value I see here is in programming PWM function while monitoring temps.

Radiator Gaskets - Seems logical....more so for noise than sealing air leaks

Radiator Shrouds - Yes, logic dictates that they worth the investment for ir flow improvements but are they worth the lost height ?

SLI WC Bridge - Buy the Bridge for $25 or do it all in tubing ?

Aquaero 5 XT - Fancy Smancy Thingamjig ..... useless bling or valuable tool

What I miss ?
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    - The pump heat sink is why you don't get DDC pumps. No integrated heatsink to deal with its PCB heat issues, they aren't designed like D5's to be cooled by the water flowing through them.
    - Pressure equalization, dont see the point.
    - Flow and Temperature sensors, nice things too have, but unless your technically minded and like to experiment fairly pointless.
    - Gaskets and shrouds, these do have some use and do have benfits. The whole point of them is to increase the area of the rad which air is flowing through. With a fan directly on the rad, there is a dead spot behind the fan motor with no air flow.
    - SLI fittings, definitely necessary. I haven't done it but everything I have found says it is a pain to run tubing between two cards that close together.
    - Useless, the thing is a glorified fan controller (and a weak one at that with ~15W per channel).
  2. I thought keeping the heat outta the loop was the whole idea....tho I didn't see anything saying the 655s ran any cooler than the 35x ... just that it went in different directions

    Thermal expansion and contraction can cause pressure increase / even a vacuum in a "closed loop" with glass cylinder.

    I like the idea of alarms if flow stops or temps get too high but man reason is for initial set up.... tweaking flow rate and PWM control for minimum noise / maximum effectiveness

    In Water Block thread I took your position to be 6 of one / half dozen of the other with regard to Bridge versus fittings.... Bridge seems neater

    I don't see much attraction ... at least not for $200 ... power is not an issue with Phanteks PWM controller or one of these

    It seems the Asus MAximus VI Formula has all is built into the MoBo and BIOS w/ 10 PWM fan hubs
  3. Nice little $30 doodad for filling ya WC loop .... no need to paperclip jump ya PSU and disconnect all ya cables from components ?

    In fact, I'm thinking might be a nice thingie to keep in the build just to run WC Loop(s) but i wonder, how would ya link it so that both start up w/ start button or start up with manual switch ?
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