Can my current psu handle sapphire HD7750?

i recently bought a new cpu (amd trinity a8 5600k) and was planning to get sapphire hd7750 to use as dual graphics, my question is that can my psu handle the sapphire hd7750? i got my psu along with the cpu casing it shows 650w max with 28A on 3.3v, 28a on +12v and 0.5a on -12v, if it helps here are my set up

motherboard: gigabyte f2a75m-d3h
Memory: 8gb RAM 2x4gb
Hardisk: seagate 500 gb
Optical: 24x liteon dvdrw sata

got no other fans installed beside the stock cooler on the apu, i can remove the optical drive or should i buy another psu? if i should buy, what do you guys suggest is a good but cheap psu? thanks
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  1. should be enough.
  2. So you want to crossfire? If you do, then maybe you would need to get a 750w, but I'm not quite sure
  3. You could do that on a 300 watt PSU provided it's a good quality one.

    Since yours came with the case, I'm going to assume it doesn't run at its claimed power output. Still that leaves you with a lot of headroom
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    Honestly,you should never trust the PSU that came in the case..The spec label on that PSU is full of Lie.

    This an example of good and Cheap PSU,and this is good enough to run your system(even in Hybrid Crossfire)
  5. thanks for the answer guys
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