Installing another drive. How do I get my PC to see my SATA drives without formatting, cause I have files in them I need.

My daughter spilled water on my external sata drive case and burned the little board in it. So I installed the two Sata drives in my PC.. The drives seam to be fine and I have years of work in my drives. (I'm a graphic designer)... So how can I get the pc to see the files without formatting the drives?
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  1. CP ====> Administrative Tools ======> Computer Management =========> Disk Management ~
    And Assign a drive letter to it ~
    It should be no problem ~
    Unless your HDD is failure ~
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    hit the windows key
    click on the search box
    type hard drive
    click the option "create and format hard drive partitions"
    right click on the installed hard drive and chose "assign drive letter" name it a new letter
    Right click on the properties, and then the security tab
    Allow full access to the drive

    ~problem solved.

    EDIT- got ninja'ed lol... viper's way works too, unless your drives contain parts of a windows VISTA or later OS, in which case you'll need to change the security settings for the drive like i suggested.
  3. Awesome! I'll try that and get back to you guys.... Thank!
  4. I went to the computer management and gave one of the drives a letter, disk1(K) and its saying: Healthy (active, primary partition)... Disk2 says: Unallocated..
    In drive K, I still can't open it it said that it needs to be formatted.
  5. hmm..
    Disk 2 can assign disk letter ??
  6. Running a Linux system as a LiveCD will give you access to your data, regardless of Windows permissions. If you don't want to try that, a light quick format followed by data recovery usually works. The second disk with the Unallocated status probably just needs initialising. Right click it and see if that option exists.
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