cpu fan running loud

Hello, I have a amd fx-8350 and the fan is running very fast and is loud. I checked bios and it's at 3517mhz and 39.0c

Is there anything i can do about this?
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  1. you can buy an aftermarket cpu cooler.
  2. It's odd because I didn't notice this when I first bought the system a month ago. It was only over the last week that the fan has been running uncontrollable high and hence loud. I lowered the cpu speed from 3500mhz to 2900mhz, rebooted and it is completely silent now. So I have to sacrifice cpu speed for quietness? Doesn't seem right.
  3. I update the AMD vision engine control s/w and the cpu fan seems to be running normal now. No crazy speeds and high pitched whirring noise?
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