two psu in in one pc

it might be a stupid question but here is the situation
I brought a gtx 760 a few days ago , as my psu was not enough for gtx 760 (16 a on 12 v) 450 watts only, i decided to buy a new psu but due to sudden changes in exchange rate of my currency the prices have skyrocketed for some time i was already tight on budget so i couldnt afford a new psu

the gpu is sitting on my bench as decoration only so my question is can i add another 350 watt psu (cheap one) solely for gpu and get the work done.
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  1. I would not use two cheap PSU's together. I would NEVER use a cheap PSU in a system in the first place, its the heart of your computer never mind linking them together. The power spikes and fluctuations would be made worse as they fought against each other. You can use 2 PSU's but good quality ones and even that is not recommended and its usually for SLI/CFX massive power draw.

    Good Luck
  2. i only want to connect pci-ex power of 2nd psu to gpu would the 2 psu still compete?
  3. I put two PSU's in my case a few years ago. The result of that enterprise is still referred to as "the incident" by neighbours. I recommend you steer away from such activity.
  4. You are depending on the PSU circuitry to prevent disaster, using 2 cheap supplies is not a good idea, the way I did it when I SLId my GTX480's was to use 2 high quality supplies together they were TX750 corsairs adding another one was much cheaper than going up to a 1200W quality PSU. Your 2 PSU's will always be trying to counteract fluctuations in each other resulting in much more work for the components.

    Heres a good explanation...
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