Is this CPU Cooler compatible with the i7-4770k?

I was looking at buying the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO for a i7-3770k, but saw the new i7-4770k and was looking at buy that instead. My concern is that the 3770k was LGA 1155 and the 4770k is LGA 1150. Would the Hyper 212 (LGA 1155) work with the 4770k? If anything was confusing please let me know!
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  1. Compatibility:
    CPU Socket
    Intel Socket: LGA 1150/2011/1366/1155/1150
    AMD Socket: FM1/FM2/AM3+

    yes it will work.
  2. oops double answered
  3. yes, 1156, 1155, and 1150 are interchangeable
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    Any 1155 cooler will go on any 1150 socket, as the mounting holes are exactly the same.
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