HDD full after recovery and check disc according to windows

I am currently facing an issue and was wondering if there are any experienced windows users out there to help me out.

I was watching a HD movie today when it just got stuck. I was using VLC and I didn't think much of it; I reckoned some problem in the Blu-ray disc like a scratch or whatever. I closed the program, then realized that my computers battery management program stopped responding. I tried to end it with the task manager and saw vlc was still running so I terminated the process. No response, process kept going. Then the whole computer stopped responding (though I could use the mouse, nothing was running or starting when I clicked them).

I did a hard reset, then thinking that something I installed recently (most recent was iTunes) was responsible, I restored to a previous restore point. After completion, it went to check disk but my laptop's battery died halfway. When I came home I opened it and since the restore was already completed before it just went through the check disc process again.

I finally opened up Windows to find that my 1TB hard drive is now full with 258 MB of space left... I had 650 GB of space before all this and I cannot find where/what the extra space is being hogged up at.

I have been trying to recover the lost space with no success... deleted all restore points now, did disc cleanup, still nothing...

I tried a program called "treesize" to see what is hogging up the space and weirdly, it shows that only 450 GB is being used, while windows insists 908 GB is used and 4 GB is free (after all the clean ups and all).

Any advice on how to recover the missing (lost?) space?

I would appreciate your constructive thoughts and comments on how to resolve this issue.

Just as a side note: I do not want to reformat my HDD or do a clean Windows 7 install, so I do not want any tutorials or comments about this; I know those options are available and I would prefer not to go through the hassle of it all but if push comes to shove, this is what I will do...

UPDATE 1: OK so I used windirstat and it shows (for some odd reason) that my HDD has been reduced in volume to half its initial size?! What's going on?!
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  1. Use a program to check out your HDDs S.M.A.R.T data, there are plenty to do that online.

    I personally use Hwinfo because it gives me more information than just S.M.A.R.T.
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