Will 650w psu be enough for gtx 770 lightning?

I am planning on purchasing a msi gtx 770 lightning and I was wondering if my psu will be enough. I have a corsair AX650 psu and my current setup is:

i5 4670k
msi z87 g45
vengeance pro 8gb
1TB seagate barracuda
120 GB samsung 840 series SSD
H60 water cooler

I dont plan on overclocking my cpu or the gtx 770 just yet

Also i know that this card is quite big so i was wondering if it will fit in my 650d?
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  1. That PSU is perfect for your setup... Which looks very similar to mine haha.

    And yes, it will fit in a 650D just fine. See the FAQ at this link:
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    No problems at all from what I can see. If memory serves that case has removable hard drive cages so if the GPU is to long you could remove one of the cages as long as you were not using them all and then your GPU would fit just fine. I can't say for sure though as I have never used any case smaller than a Full Tower.

    But as far as the PSU yes you will be just fine with it.
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