Is this build suitable for gaming?

Here is what I have selected. I would like to know how well this system will run games at a high resolution. My budget is about $1500 give or take a few $100. I am a first time builder so please no hate comments. But I would also like to know how I can get more for my money or save a few bucks! All suggestions are welcome. Also I am stuck between Nvidia and AMD for a gpu. I am also stuck between Intel and AMD for a cpu. In addition am I "bottle necking" anything? Thanks guys




Graphics Card:

Power Supply:

Liquid cooling:


Hard Drive:


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  1. 16gb is more than you need. games use 3.3gb MAX so get 8gb RAM. Its plenty.

    Get an i5. Performs the same as an i7 in games.

    Drop the water cooler and get a good air cooler. It will be MUCH quieter and cost less and cool the same.

    That case is pretty expensive.
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    Please list component names ....they are more useful\than links and it gives us old folks RSI doing the clickfest

    HAF-X .... great case ... in its day....needs an update to compete with today's newer designs

    Corsair GS series is step or two below Corsair's TX series which is as low as I would go....HX series is better ...even has better voltage stability and lower ripple than AX series

    Ya paying $130 for PSU and $205 for case.....or $335

    Corsair 500R w/ HX850 (their best PSU) is $270 in combo - $45 in MIRs - $20 off w/ promo code EMCXMVN49, ends 9/2 and = $20 off w/ promo code EMCXMVL36, ends 9/4.... so $185 .... $140 savings

    Your MoBo and CPU have reached "end-of-life" status.... (prolly why its outta more available) and while that's no reason for someone to upgrade, it doesn't make sense to invest in old tech.

    The MSI Z87 GD-65 (Computex 2013 Best Choice Golden Award ) comes in a nice combo (save 417) with the N770 which is faster than the 7970 Ghz. Another benefit since PSU and MoBo are capable of supporting a 2nd GFX card later on, SLI works while CF still has problems. It also comes with Free Batman Arkham Origins limited offer


    That's not "liquid cooling" :)

    The H80 gets its tail kicked by the better air coolers and its a helluva lot noisier. The Phanteks air cooler is cheaper, cools better and it's perceived loudness is 1/4 of the H80i....Phanteks has several colors available


    The tall toothy things in ya heat sinks serve no cooling purpose other than to "look cool"....and will hit most 3rd party coolers.

    Suggest Redline DDR3-1866 CAS 9 .... $5 more but faster and come with $15 Ghost recon coupon

    Ya has a i7 processor which provides no real benefit in gaming but costs $100 more.... unless ya have apps that need, HT get the 4670k
    $220 after discounting $20 promotional gift card w/ purchase, limited offer

    As for the HD, skip the Blue and go for the Black....

    These are some significant upgrades but ya should still walk away with an additional $250 or so in ya pocket
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