7870 and onboard graphics enabled?

Hi everyone.

So I have had my set up for about 3 months and really still have had 0 problems. But I came across something today and I would like to address it and make sure its all in the norm and ok.

I have a z77 extreme4 mobo and when I first purchased it, it came with VirtuMVP (using onboard and discrete video). I noticed no real difference so I disabled Virtu from startin up on its own(have not used since), but I never uninstalled it.

Now today when checking in the device manager I notice that both my 7870 and intel 4000 are listed in my device manager. Both working fine.

Is this ok? Am I hindering my performance by having them both on? should I leave it alone, or go in bios and disable my onboard?

Again im fairly certain this is because of virtu but since I don't use it (might uninstall) anymore do I need both gpus active?
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  1. They both show in device manager because they are still present in your system but the hd 4000 graphics will not be doing anything at all unless you have your monitor plugged into the motherboard instead of the graphics card. So in other words.. nothing to worry about
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