First time building gaming pc, thoughts?

anyone mind telling me their thoughts on this?

I'm not too educated on these types of things.
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    You'll find most of the best gaming PCs have their graphics cards 2x the price of their cpus. At $1200, you'd be looking at a $180-$240 CPU, and a $360-$480 Graphics.

    Best Gaming CPU for $180:

    Intel Core i5-3350P
    High Performance Gamer's Pick

    Intel's Sandy and Ivy Bridge-based Core i5 processors are well-known for their gaming prowess at reasonable prices, and the Core i5-3350P is a particularly interesting option at $180. The P suffix is an indication that Intel disables its HD Graphics engine, but we're perfectly alright with such a decision. If you're buying a gaming processor, you're going to want discrete graphics anyway. Consequently, this CPU ducks in under 70 W.
    $169.99 On


    Best PCI Express (PCIe) Card For ~$340:

    Radeon HD 7970
    High-Resolution Value Leader

    The Radeon HD 7970 started its life as a $550 flagship. Hammered all the way down to $340 over time, this powerful product is now our value pick for high-resolution gaming. It's easily able to handle 1920x1080, and is typically still playable at 2560x1440 and higher if you're using a three-screen Eyefinity setup.
    $346.36 On PROVANTAGE
  2. With a budget like yours, you should get a gtx 760 instead of that GPU. I'm an intel fan so I would have to go with an i5-3570k for a CPU and a Z77 mobo.
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