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I've got this Mobo to replace an old 775 one that died (NorthBridge RIP). The model is Intel DG33FB, it's huge next to the old one... anyway... Everything is connected properly, i have quite a bit of experience building systems and stuff, when i plug the PSU to the wall the Mobo has a LED wich notifies that it has power running through it, but when i press the power switch it just won't do anything, i've tried everything, running without cpu, without ram, and any combination you can think of... also i changed the CMOS battery in case this one came dead... Thnx in advance!!
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  1. Make the connection to the power button is oriented correct hot to hot, ground to ground, make sure both the 24 pin and 4 pin ATX power cables are secure
  2. Still no good, same thing, green led inside motherboard, PSU won't turn on, btw i tested the PSU and it's fine.
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    Might want to bench it, have a guide that might help:
  4. It was the PSU! very strange behavior by the old PSU, it could turn on a couple of other motherboards, but not this one, when i change the PSU it just turned on normally, Thnx for your help!
  5. No problem, can close thread out ;)
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