Intel H87 chipset combined with DDR3 1866 XMP memory


Would it be feasible to run DDR3 1866 XMP certified memory on a H87 chipset motherboard, without a "K" Haswell processor ?

I have the feeling the RAM speed would revert to 1600 MHz frequency anyway, even if the motherboard supports the XMP memory timings.
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  1. werner123 said:
    Hi, XMP certified memory will work just fine with a H87 based motherboard.

    Hello Werner and thanks for your reply,

    Actually, the motherboard I have in mind is the ASUS H87M-E.
    It looks like DDR3 1866 and higher are supported from the ASUS' memory qualified vendor list,

    But wouldn't it be a waste of money to purchase something higher than DDR 1600 on a H87 chipset motherboard, and without an overclockable CPU (non "K" Haswell) ?

    From what I read, memory overclock isn't feasible without CPU overclock, but I am not 100% sure and can't find a good review for this motherboard yet.
  2. werner123 said:
    With the prices so close it would be better to get DDR3 1866 modules for future proofing even if its not going to make a difference. But make sure you get low latency modules like, 9-9-9-24, and go for a 2x4GB memory kit. It's really your choice what to get depending on your budget of course :)

    You are right Werner, the price difference here is almost the same to purchase 2 * 8 GB DDR3 1866 MHz CL9 vs. stock 1600 MHz frequency and CL9 latency.

    I think I will purchase the 1866 MHz dual memory kit and tighten the latencies at 1600 MHz, I am pretty sure the memory can't be overclocked anyway with this motherboard.

    I think ASUS oughtn't to mention anything higher than 1600 MHz stock memory on their qualified vendor list for this specific motherboard.

    Memories are indeed compatible, but their higher XMP settings can't be used here, am I right ?
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