First PC build specs. opinions

what do you think about this stuff?

Processor – Haswell i5 4670k 1150 socket

motherboard- ASUS Z87 maximus vi hero


Case- Antec One midi tower case black no psu

Storage- Seagate barracuda 1TB 64mb cache

Operating system- Windows 7 home premium SP1
Around £78

Optical Drive- OEM DVD Drive
Around £13

Also will a 500w power supply be sufficient for this?
and in the future thinking about looking at getting a graphics card and an ssd
ssd- probably samsung 840 128gb
graphics card- gtx 660 ti
might have to look at a more powerful psu for these future upgrades.
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    This is a great start. And the 500w power supply should be suffice enough for it to run properly. However, if you plan on upgrading, you may start to notice a low in performance because of power supply not being able to give enough power. Try looking for at least a 600w or even better, a 700w.
  2. This is a great overall build, but like bmanv13 said, you should get a little more power in case of a future upgrade. A 600 watt unit give you headroom and the option for SLI 660ti if you so desire.

    I'd suggest a Corsair HX series 650 watt power supply:
  3. Thanks guys :D
    I was starting to think that no one was going to reply

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