Sticky tried, no avail. Boot/no image issues.

Hi guys,

I completed my computer build yesterday, everything was hooked up correctly, and I was grounded via wristband to the PSU.
The specs for reference:

4760k i5.
8GB 4x2 1600mhz C9 1.5V corsair vengeance
GTX 760 Gigabyte
Asus z87K motherboard
CM Storm enforcer case
GX650W power supply

Everything is running at stock voltages and clocks, bought as retail not OEM.

No image appears on my monitor it stays black. This may be due to me running the VGA adapter for my monitor through the motherboard, not using solely the onboard graphics, as a gtx 760 doesn't take VGA it seems... new monitor inc. I suppose...

I've spent this morning doing the sticky as the following happens:

When I try to start the computer, it starts for about 5-6 seconds, then re-starts itself. It does this once, and beeps once (which I believe to be a successful POST?) and seems to run fine thereon out, however I can't tell if I'm getting an error as there's no screen image.

So the question is, why it's performing this re-start?
I am doubting that the motherboard is DOA as it seems to run fine after this one restart, and the chassis fans are all fine after the restart (they are connected to the fan headers on the mobo).

The processor was inserted correctly gold triangle and notches etc, the heat sink has been re-seated with new applied thermal paste (cleaned off the old using isopropyl alcohol, air dried).

I took one RAM stick out, and re-tried, same issue. The RAM is in the correct slots from the video's I've watched online, A1 and B1.

I can answer any other questions, promptly.

Thanks :)
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  1. Remove the gpu, boot to bios and make sure the video is set to either auto, or preferably, igpu. Your m/b should have a choice of video outputs on the i/o portion - choose the one that is native to your monitor.

    If you get video that way, reinstall gpu (make sure the aux power connector is firmly seated), boot to bios using m/b video, set video to auto, or preferably discrete, shut down, move video out from m/b to gpu, reboot.

  2. Hi Mark,

    We have video! Thanks for the help, that's 1 of the 2 issues down.
    All this is new to me as this is my first build, but it's great tips to know for the future.

    So to all remaining readers the last issue is that the PC restarts after 5 seconds of being turned on, then restarts. Once it has restarted it happily sits at the BIOS (no OS yet etc), beeps once confirming everything is alive and well, which it is, but I'd rather it didn't restart like that...
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    there are a lot of Boot options in the BIOS, have you read through the manual and changed any of them?
  4. Haven't changed a thing, I'm not really too sure what to do next now I've got it all together. I have an OS disc to install, but before I do anything like that I'm aiming to fix the restart fault.

    Is it possible that it may be a BIOS boot option to do the restart then POST?

  5. Solved, just needed to save the BIOS settings.
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