Can I set my computer to RAID 1?

I have a 2TB HDD with a 30GB SSD SATA cache drive

this is set to RAID 0

however, data protection in case of drive failure is more important to me then increased performance

can I set this to RAID 1?

will that mean I only have 30GBs of storage if I do that?

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  1. How is it be set to raid 0? Raid doesn't provide data protection, it provides hardware redundancy. Your data can still be deleted, corrupted, hit with viruses. To protect data you need to do backups.

    With raid, you need 2 or more drives, and usually they need to be the same size.
    I would get a secone 2TB drive, and put the OS on the SSD, and set the 2 HDD's in raid 1.
  2. if your ssd is the cache drive you do not have a raid 0, you have a 2tb drive with a 30gb ssd cache. Raid must be enabled in the bios to do this so we can see why your're confused.

    You could raid 0 or 1 the two drives together but you'd would not get what you expect, either a 30gb raid1 or a 60gb raid0. LOL That's be a pretty big waste of your big harddrive.
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