Laptop to TV using SVGA can see laptop screen on tv but can't see movies

Been stuck for 3 days on this now. Even bought a new cable - but no that;s not the problem either.

so have laptop connected to TV with SVGA. Can see laptop screen on TV fine everything working fine - until we play movies. Play movies with VCL and it plays no bother on laptop but nothing on the TV. We have sound.

We've tried the primary sources, secondary sources, system restore (which is not working), tried using a different media player and nothing is working to show the movie on the TV. VCL screen is appearing on the TV and when movie is playing the time bar is moving there is just no picture.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! As it's driving me mad!

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  1. Try updating the video drivers.

    If that does not work, try setting the TV as the primary display.
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