5.1 system only plays front speakers. no bass no rear on youtube or any browser. Why I dont get any bass ? It used to work!

Anyone knows why I cannot hear proper sound from youtube or any other playback on internet browsers? I only hear sound from front speakers. No bass at all. What is the problem ? :|
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  1. im not sure how it used to work since i know on my system my 7.1 doesnt work unless you all hook them up to the main green port for internet videos etc. I I tried every setting i could find and still never got it to work. It will only work in games for me.
  2. unless your audio control panel and sound chip support surround upsampling any stereo source will only play over the front stereo speakers.
  3. Make sure your audio manager hasn't reset to a two speaker system.
  4. ok ive run into this problem also was all working in optical ive just pluged the 3 direct cables into the rear of the mb, windows lets me set up as 5.1 but when i test speakers i have no rears no sub and no center only left and right speaker work.... plug in optical its all good again run sound threw the hdmi and then trew the speakers 5.1 any one have any idea ive clean installed drivers etc
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