SSD on an old Laptop? Worth it?

Hello everyone!

It is that time of year when school is starting up again, so I need a laptop.

So, I have a question!

My brother offered me his laptop, a Toshiba A305-S6872 for $200. It has a core 2 duo, 3gb ram, and a 250gb hard drive. It needs a new battery, as the one it has lasts 12 minutes. The specs however are pretty darn good for school work. My question is:

1.) Is it a good idea to revive this laptop with an SSD? Will a modern day SSD work on a SATA 2 port? Can I maybe use both an SSD and a hard drive?

2.) Is it really worth spending $300+ on this laptop? I have looked around on certain websites, and everything less than $350 is not too great in my opinion.

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  1. Sounds like a decent enough spec for school work, and you don't really want to be carrying about a brand-new laptop around school just begging to be damaged or pinched?
    Suggest you spend $30 on a new battery and see how you get on. Yes you can put an SSD into it and it will make it run faster - but your right, I wouldn't spend $300 on a laptop as old as that one.
  2. 1- not worth it since it's a toshiba (won't last more than a few years)
    2- no, it's better to put money aside and get a new laptop for the warranty and the processor power it will offer.
  3. He's your brother? $200 for that is too much - you'll get one of ebay for half that amount.
    Get him to GIVE you the laptop, then spend the money on a new battery!
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    An SSD is re-usable in a different computer so you're not investing in an old laptop but rather an SSD. The SSD will boot & load programs faster but that's probably the only thing you'll notice. It will however allow your new battery to last longer while being MUCH more reliable than an HDD and less susceptible to damage from rough treatment often suffered by portables. I say it's a good investment. If you have a second slot you can also use a HDD.
  5. 1) Definitely yes.

    2) You can get newer laptop for $300, or more.
  6. 1. Yes

    2. better buy new laptop with that budget. :)
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