Upgrading GPU and possibly CPU, advice?

Hey everyone!

I'm thinking of upgrading my pc, as newer games like Far Cry 3 don't run smoothly even with the settings on medium to low. Even somewhat older games like Saints Row 3 I can't run smoothly on higher settings.

Here's what I'm using now:
Motherboard: Intel DH67CL
CPU: Intel i7-2600 (Non K)
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD6790
PSU: Coolermaster GX 550W

After a lot of research, I found 2 GPU's that looked like an upgrade to me: GeForce GTX 760 or GTX 770, the 760 having a pricing advantage by being 250 euros against the 770's 400 euros.
Then, after even more research, I found that my CPU might also need an upgrade, the Intel i5-3550P looking like a good replacement for my current CPU (in my limited knowledge about CPU's anyway)

Basically what I'm asking is: Will upgrading the GPU (and possibly also the CPU) provide a signifcant improvement in gaming performance? And if so, what components would you recommend?

Thank you!
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    gpu yes, cpu, no. the 3550P have slower clock speed then the 2600, and the i7 have HT while the i5 don't. The only cpu "upgrade" is the 3700 or the 3700K, which would only give it a slight increase.
  2. Agree with rdg1101 do not change the cpu
  3. Upgrading the GPU to a 760/ 770 will significantly increase performance. A CPU uprgade, however, would not be worth it as the CPU you have proposed is actually weaker than your current one and your current one will not bottleneck the 760/770 whatsoever.
  4. Alright, so it's obvious that I shouldn't upgrade my CPU :P Any recommendations on whether I should take the 760 or 770?
  5. 770, like everything else you paying premium for performance. or go with the 760 for better price/performance ratio.
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