upgrading system - need help with new MOBO/CPU/RAM


Recently I learned the hard way what to do and what not to do when removing an AMD CPU Heatsink.. and therefore I have no choice but to upgrade.

Current System
-MoBO Crosshair IV Formula
-CPU AMD 1090t
-RAM Ripjaw 6gb 1600
-GPU Radeon HD 5970
-PSU XFX 850w

I want to stay AMD

I'm thinking of replacing the MoBo/CPU/Ram with the Crosshair V Formula Z, AMD FX 9370, and:


I know neither of these are on the QVL for this MoBo but all the 1600 ram with low timings on that list are discontinued (and I also read it doesn't exactly matter)!

Help me out here. I'm assuming because the MoBo says FX it will support that chip. Im also assuming its the best AMD MoBo out at the moment. I'm assuming it will fit in my MID ATX case. I'm assuming all of my older parts will work together with the new parts and lastly I'm assuming because that ram's specs are close to the ram on the QVL list it should be fine in this system.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. i would get the secound ram since it lower cas latency and runs at 1.5v and not at 1.6 like the other. And dont waste your money on the fx 9370, its just a overclocked fx8350, just get this one and overclock it yourself.
  2. That motherboard is pretty overpriced. It would make more sense to get a cheaper board and save some money to get a better GPU down the road.
  3. by accident I made this into a answer only no discussion (I don't know how to change it back). I'm new to this board, didn't realize sorry.

    @ Guggi4, Is the 9370 really just an overclocked 8350? I've heard that before but I've also heard that overclocked the 8350 still doesn't run as well as the 9370.

    @ Tiny Voices, what would you suggest instead?
  4. Are you gaming with this machine? I would get a $130 motherboard and an fx-8350 and some 2x4gb RAM kit.
  5. Oh also, I was thinking the second ram as well but will it surely work? Is there a better option?

    @ Tiny Voices - Yes I'm gaming with this machine. The rig i had before ran the game fine but since I'm upgrading I might as well upgrade for longevity.
  6. Another question. Will I be permitted to use the current copy of Win7 on my HD or will it recognize the new hardware and deny me access?

    Will the second listed RAM work with that motherboard?
  7. You will have to reinstall windows for sure.
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