Need Advice On New PC Build 650€-700€

Hi guys, I'm new to asking questions here. But i've used this website many times to get some intel on some hardware. So my question is: I am currently thinking on doing a new Gaming PC build with +/- 650€-700€ (860$-920$) and got the motherboard cpu figured out;
* Asus Sabertooth z77/z87 still need to see some more reviews to decide between this 2.
* Intel i5 / i7 with one of those MotherBoards shocket.
* SDD 120Gb/128Gb and 1Tb drive, both internal.
* DDR3, 1600MHz 16GB 2X8GB RAM
* I have a case already with enough vents and all the other PC stuff with sata ports + mouse + keyboard etc...
I work at a computer store so i get lower than market prices so if you guys think on for example a 150$ hardware you can go to 180$ of the same type of hardware.

But my problem is the Graphic Card, One friend of mine is trying to sell me a Radeon HD 4870 x2 for 100€ maby i can get him to sell it for 80€ wich is around 110$ to 130$.
1º Q: Is it at this price nowadays? (its a 3/4 years card)
2º Q: Can you get me some advice on better cards for that price range, i can go up to 120€ (150$) tops.

I also accept sugestions on the full build up to 700€ (case included for a good graphic overclock, i don't need cpu overclock or better said i don't want to kill a cpu just for speed spikes). But i would really like to keep one of those boards. and go for the i7 instead of the i5 but if going for the i7 and not having a good graphic to suport that performance it would be a waste of money.
I'm not looking for to much overclocking nor I'm looking to crossfire cards so keep that in mind.

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    stateside you can find 7950s for 180 now days. That's the steal of the century.
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