Upgrading my integrated Graphics on my HP Pavillion and need advice on cards

I most likely wont buy this card till next month but I have a HP Pavillion 500 series. It is a mid tower. I bought a atx 650W Power Supply for it to replace the 300W that is in it.

Im running Windows 8 64bit I have a Intel Core i3 3240 3.40 Ghz with 8 GB of ram on a foxcon motherboard. The mobo model is 2ADA.

Foxcon Mobo specs

I play a lot of games like Saints Row 4 and Batman Arkham City. Some fps games to. Cod etc I don't really play games like Crysis or games that demand ultra resolutions. Im more of a casual gamer.

My price range is around $150-200
Thx for any suggestions =)
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  1. Ty Hashwagon. Those are both good cards. Would they fit in my small case? The HIS H785F2G2M Radeon HD 7850 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card for $159.00 looks very promising. How much watts would you say it draws at full usage? I bought a PoWork Silent 650W-Max ATX Power Supply w/12cm Fan, 20/24-Pin, SATA, PCIe psu to replace the factory psu that came with the PC. You think the card might draw 300 or 400 Watts on its own?
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    I'm fairly certain it will fit in the pavilion case, you may need to be creative with your power supply cables though, eg, routing them through hard drive cage or velcroing them up nicely. I believe it would pull 130W, you'd want at least a 500W power supply so yours should be fine.
  3. Ok thx for the info =)
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