Virtual Machine on Win7 Pro or Dual-boot System

Hi, I am currently running XP mode on Windows 7 Pro for several 32 bit software. There are always problems where the software warn me about my graphic card refresh rate is too low, but the software still running, just it takes more time for complex graphic loading and displaying. I do have a GPU working fine on windows 7 and I know that there is no way for the XP mode to detect the GPU. Will setting up dual-boot system (windows 7 Pro and windows XP Pro) solve the problem? I do have both windows 7 Pro and XP Pro licenses.

Or i should try virtualbox instead?
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  1. Hi

    Microsofts Virtual PC 2007 & Virtual XP emulate a S3 Trio graphics card from about 1995/6
    so no wonder anything graphical beyond MS Office or web browsing is slow

    Unless you find a emulator that can use the GPU you need dual boot

    It is easier to install XP then 7, if not possible there are a number of tutorials about adding XP after Vista or 7

    XP deletes restore points on latter Windows so you should use a registry fix to hide the Windows 7 boot drive from XP

    Mike Barnes
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