Which GTX 670 GPU is better ?

Leadtek Winfast GTX 670


The GTX 670 cards are about 80 dollars cheaper than the gtx760 cards where I live and have basically the same performance. However, the Leadtek is about $20 dollars cheaper than the MSI.

I know MSI is more popular, but are they basically the same card?
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    Yes, it is the same card from nvidia, just different stock speeds and coolers. I think MSI isn't worth that 20$ if you are getting the same warranty for both of them. You won't feel the difference (max 2-3 FPS) between those two.
  2. I am also looking at a HD 7950 selling at the same price. Is it better than these gtx 670 cards?
  3. Get GTX 670 windforce, much better u can overclock + 3 fans give it a nice temp.
  4. Believe it or not but the windforce 760 is cheaper than the windforce 670 where i live.
  5. Plus the windforce 760 comes with the new splinter cell game.
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