TV Sound Issue

By mistake i once disabled the use of the TV speakers while i was using my HDMI cable & i can't turn it back as i can't find it any where & now when i am connecting the HDMI cable the sound comes out from the laptop & not from the TV.
Please i need your help regarding this matter.
Thanks in advance
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  1. bottom right in system tray, right click sound icon and select playback devices, change default to the hdmi audio.
  2. when i do so i can't find except the speakers of the laptop
    there is no HDMI audio to choose it
    what can i do next
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    sounds like you need to reinstall the hdmi audio driver for your laptop.

    also right click in the selection windows and select show disabled devices incase you disabled it. then right click and re-enable it.
  4. how can i do that ?
  5. My laptop is Toshiba Qosmio X770
    & my TV is Samsung LCD 42"
  6. Thanks a lot Mauller :)))
    you really helped me
    thanks again
  7. no worries mate.
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