I uninstalled my wireless adapter in the Windows 8 Devices app, and now I use any wireless devices.

I was having problems with my USB wireless adapter, so for some reason I tried uninstalling it in the Windows 8 "devices" app, thinking I could easily reinstall the driver. Now I can't use any wireless interface. If I go into the device manager, there is only a Realtek ethernet device, and no wireless one. Also, if I go into the "Change adapter settings" part of the network and sharing center, there is only ethernet, which is disconnected.

The adapter is a Netgear WNA 3100 (I also have a TL-WN722N). The mobo is a Gygabyte F2-a55m-DS2. Is there any adapter/motherboard driver I can download to help fix this problem?
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  1. go to netgears website and look for the latest driver download, it should install the driver for it.
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