How do I install a new motherboard and CPU?

I have an A8-5600K that came with my computer a year ago. I have an i5-3570k with a new motherboard coming in tomorrow. I'm afraid that I'm not going to like my answer, but Windows 8 came with my computer. Am I going to lose everything, including my OS? I also own a 7870, will there be any problems with that?

I know there's articles on it, but I trust you guys straight forward answers more. ha.

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  1. Your windows OS is OEM and therefore married to the puter it came on and can't be used on another. If it was retail version, you would still have to reinstall windows.

    To avoid a repeat, always recommend that you partition ya HD and leave OS only on a small 128 GB or so partition....make slife easier down the road.
  2. Yes and no. W8 has transfer rights, so you can legally put in a new m/b and cpu and reactivate via telephone. On the no side, you will have issues with installed programs, drivers, etc. switching from amd to intel. Back up your data and do a clean install to avoid issues.
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    If you buy a new PC with Windows 8 already installed, your OEM Windows license is permanently bound to that computer. The only way you can transfer the license to another person is to sell or give away the computer itself, with its copy of Windows. The following terms apply:

    The transfer must include the software, proof of purchase, and, if provided with the computer, an authentic Windows label such as the certificate of authenticity label including the product key. You may not keep any copies of the software or any earlier version. Before any permitted transfer, the other party must agree that this agreement applies to the transfer and use of the software.

    Windows for system builders aims to be more limited when compared to a complete Windows license. For example, when you are not able to transfer the license to another computer. This is tied to the PC which you choose to install it in. - See more at:
  4. I understood his question to mean he built his A8/7870. If he bought an HP or Dell or some such, then yes, I agree it is married. Sorry for the confusion.
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