Gtx 690 0r Dual Gtx 770 4gb to run battlefield 4 0n Ultra 0n a 3 1080p Monitor Setup?

Wich one of this configurations would give me more power? I already own a Gtx 690 and i run BF3 (ultra settings) 0n 5760x1080p and i get an average of 60FPS (between 45 and 90)!!
Does indeed the Gtx770 4gb of vram has 4gb ?( I ask this because it just costs a little more than the 2gb Gtx770 version) .
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  1. The 2 770's would be faster than a 690 at that resolution but not by much. I wouldn't spend $1000 on such an small upgrade with Maxwell coming out Q1 of 2014.

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