Level 10GT Owners, Question For You Regarding Your Case Fans!

I'm heavily considering the Thermaltake Level 10GT, however I'm a little curious about the stock case fans.

How do you guys like them?

Are the front, side, and top 200mm fans ~actually~ 200mm? I know that there is no standard once you get above 140mm, so some 200mm fans are actually 180, 230, or what-have-you.

Are the front and side 200mm fans easily replaceable? I'm considering putting in a Silverstone AP 180mm for the front fan as an intake, and an Enermax T.B. Apollish (blue LED) for the side-intake, but this one seems that it may be particularly difficult to access (especially with the adjustable louvers/shutters).

Aside from that, I'm considering either two Akasa Piranhas (120mm) or two Enermax T.B. Vegas' (120mm) for the top exhaust slots, and finally either a Cougar Vortex HDB, Corsair AF140, or Apache 140 for the rear exhaust.

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  1. Just completed a build with this case. A lot to like with the case. The top and side fans are huge. I did not measure but I believe yes they are 200. I removed the top fan to install an H110 Corsair cooler (280mm) This did not go well as the top mount screw holes are not there for this size, and this is not a flat top surface - So have a temp mount. I am not sure about how easily replaceable the side fan is. I would lean toward leaving it on. I will say that everything thus far is quite quiet, but I have a long way to go in measuring/taxing the system. Everything else, I really like - the handle, the pre-wired HDD bays... roomy/good grommeting... space for a future cooler on the bottom behind the PSU ....hinged door... easy removal. This thing is not as heavy as I have seen some proclaim. MB standoffs are pre-installed (also a nice touch). Could only throw 3 screws in to hold the PSU but it seems ok. Note that the case fans have their own power connect - so if you want the front control you have to use that... when I removed the top I just connected the side into that a I don't think that one was controlled. (they do not plug into the MB)
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