Need to upgrade gpu for new 3x 2560x1440 monitors

Hey guys,

so I'm about to order 3 QNIX 27inch 2560x1440@60Hz panels, these are also overclockable, so if possible I'll be hitting ~ 80-100 Hz, but not counting on it. Mainly need it for the extra desktop space. I do like my gaming but I can handle to continue on a single panel for now and will move my way up to gaming across all 3.

I feel I have maxed out on my 6950s 2 gb, even the two in CF are starting to stutter when using my current Shimian 27 inch @ 2560x1440@60Hz. The latest driver has helped quite a bit but I think the two extra panels will max it out. 5760x1080 gaming is ok for me for now so if my cards can handle that I'll stay at it till the new GPUs show up in Q4 '13/Q1 '14.

So back to the question-
Stay at the 6950 CF, move up to a GTX 780, GTX 690 or get a Titan? Budget can be flexible for the time being but i'm not jumping on SLI Titan out of the gate.

Don't want this to be a panel discussion so lets just focus on how much horsepower I'll need for using 2560x1440 >60Hz, 5760x1080 and finally down the road the monstrous 7680x1440 gaming.
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  1. regardless of how you look at it, you're going to need the hardest working, best option available to date, in 4GB flavor minimum

    there's only 2 options available today, and IMO they're both Titans
  2. After a long night of looking around at comparisons and reviews of the few people running stuff at this obscene resolution the 7970 6Gb version is looking like a promising solution for the time being. If the new 9XXX cards come out with a 9970 that has a Vram capacity of greater then 4 Gb then that would be a excellent solution for now. might have to wait till the end of september to get a better idea of things.
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