will this work? Windows from hard drive to sdd. and not lose product key!?

so i installed windows into the hard drive without thinking and now want to change it to my ssd drive. as suggested by the community here im going to disconnect the hard drive and re install windows into the ssd. reconnect and then format the old hard drive. my question is will i be able to use the same product key for windows? cause i definitely dont want to buy another windows. open to any suggestions thanks
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  1. yes you will be able to use the same key, you won't have an issue - only if you changed the motherboard
  2. ohhh god this scares me .. lol im gonna try i though! :D
  3. bump. i havent done it yet any other suggestions?
    im not sure if it will accept my product key or not.
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    Do as dingo07 suggested. If the other drive is not connected when you install Windows you should not have any issue with it accepting the product key. The product key should only be an issue, as dingo07 mentioned, if you changed the motherboard. If all you are doing is swapping drives then it shouldn't be an issue. The only other suggestion I can come up with, but don't recommend, is to clone the HDD to the SSD. A clean install is best.
  5. im trying it right now . installing windows on my new ssd :D hope it dosent ask for a new product key. ill let you all know how it goes
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