will this work? Windows from hard drive to sdd. and not lose product key!?

i installed a new version of windows 7 on my hard drive. and have an ssd that i want it to be installed in. if i unplug my hard drive install it into the ssd and then format the hard drive. will i lose the product key... im not sure if to go ahead with this. any answers would be great thanks
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  1. 1. Id suggest you lave the OS install on the HD as a "spare" in case SSD dies or OS get infected / fudged.

    2. You can get ya Product key using Belarc Advisor

    Run it, print it, save somewhere
  2. i paid for windows though. i shouldnt have to get a fake key.
  3. Its not a fake key. That program just reads the key that you input when you installed windows, and makes it available for you to see.
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    PapaFac said:
    i paid for windows though. i shouldnt have to get a fake key.

    If you paid for windows, the person who installed it for you is legally obligated to affix the sticker on the DVD case to the computer chassis..... if that was done, then you can just read it off the sticker.

    Belarc Advisor doesn't create a "fake key". It simply tells you what the key is when you have misplaced it.
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