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Hey. I have a friend who has a Hp Laptop with UEFI booting. He locked himself out of windows 8 (forgot his password)... so he called me. Well after trying to use the latest version of chntpw in UBCD5.2.6, i came to the conclusion i needed to wipe the drive and install windows 7. A little googling suggested using certain versions of chntpw, but i decided to not waste the time burning endless CDs. Anyway, He agreed to installing Win7 "I hate the big tile thingys". So i attacked with Gparted. Wiped the whole drive. Set flags to boot. Set part table as MBR.

However upon trying to install win7, it still claimed i had a GPT style disk. unable to install. the only thing i can think of I'm doing wrong is not changing the bios/UEFI to legacy...

My question is, If I enable legacy, somehow get the drive to actually be MBR, and use my X86 DVD, should I be good? Is there some common glitches ppl miss when dealing with GPT/EFI/UEFI? I need answers cuz he now has a blank laptop which I am responsible for.

Another question. windows 8 came installed on a GPT disk. SO WHY WHEN I BOOT THE INSTALL DVD DOES IT SAY IT CANT INSTALL TO A GPT STYLE DISK??? WTF???

talk about the bleeding edge man.
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  1. your really gonna install a 32 bit version of windows on that laptop? you could try making a bootable usb and try that but i would get a proper 64bit version of 7.
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