GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-UD4H vs ASROCK z87 extreme6

Hey guys. This isn't a question of which board to get. I aleady bought both. No, the question is which one is better for running pretty stock and which one has better utilitites/apps/OC's better?

I bought both a GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-UD4H and an ASROCK z87 extreme6 MB for 2 builds im doing for my parents. I have never bought a gigabyte or asrock board before but these were both rated pretty well and had a quick overview here on the site as well. My dads computer will be set up and left pretty stock. I probably wont be messing too much with most of the apps unless there are any particularly good ones, and i definitely wont be messing with OC'ing on his. My mothers on the other hand may get a bit of tweaking done to it since my niece and her will be gaming on it more.

So i need to know which one to use with wich build. I think i heard the ASROCK has a better BIOS interface and utilities, but im not sure which OC's better. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Im also gonna need to look into a good graphic card for my moms build. Id rather go with Nvidia over ATI for hers but am not really familiar with the current ones out. But i'll ask about that on the proper board after i do a bit more research

heres the specs on the computer if anyone was curious. Just gonna link the pcpartpicker page i used to keep track of stuff as i ordered it:
Dad's computer specs
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  1. I like the Rock better myself, they have been doing well with the chipsets going back to P67 and seem to get fixes and DRAM setup quicker tha GB that lags behind a bit
  2. hmm ok but like i said i have both. Im looking at witch would be better for a stock system and which for one i may be tweaking/ocing a bit. Since you like the ASrock though, how is the software/utitilites for it?

    also is there a way to update the bios at the start, before i even put windows or anything on?
  3. hmm no one? *shrug* guess i'll just use whichever one the colors match up more with
  4. Can do updates straight through the BIOS (need another system to download the update to and then put it on a flash drive and go - I still lean towards the Rock ;)
  5. How are the 2 builds now?
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