broke my ssd plastic connector

Ok so I broke off the plastic part where you hook the sata cable to my 840 pro. I'm probably going to exchange it to my local microcenter for a new one.

Unfortunately that was my boot disc where I installed the windows 8 OEM installer OS. Now if i was to exchange it for a new one would I still be able to install windows 8 from the same installer disc that I bought? Would microcenter be able to delete my data on the SSD since I can't even hook it up to my rig?
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    Yes windows is tied to your motherboard but windows 8 can be transferee to a new PC now if required, it can only be used on one PC at a time still.
  2. i don't know if it helps but I built this computer. When you say it's tied to my motherboard, does that mean when I put a new ssd and put the installer disc in will it be like the first time installing windows 8? I wouldn't need to buy another installer disc with a different product key?
  3. no you just use the same key to activate windows.

    the windows dvd's are generic and not tied to anything.
  4. thank you!
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