nVidia Geforce GT 440 temperature question


When i play a game, my gt 440 1745 mb reaches a celcius degrees of 63.
The videocard fan rises from 1200 rpm to 2550 rpm.

Is this gpu fan speed and temperature normal ?
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  1. Perfectly normal. '
    For a GPU 63C under load is actually great temps.

    For your fan speed you would need to give us the EXACT model of the GPU to be sure, but since your temps are very good you could actually reduce fan speed.
  2. Hi
    Thank you for the reply. The rpm reached a maximum of 2800 now.
    The gpu:

    Also, CPUID shows FANPWMIN0 maximum reached: "51%"
  3. Best answer
    Then you are a for away! No problems I can see at all.
  4. what you can do is improve your case airflow, try adding some fans and do some cable management.
    63 is acceptable.

    google spotcool, i have one, it helps on those hot areas
  5. Okay, so then i should no more worry about the 2800 rpm gpu fan speed or temp.
    I will definately have a look at spotcool.

  6. i have spotcool, my asrock board's southbridge is too hot, so i got one and aimed it there, now i think it's only in the 30's.

    well, the fan ramps up because of the temperature. If you can lower that, the fan will slow down somewhat. do some cable management if you havent done so
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