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I have cable TV and have a powerline adapter connected direct to my modem for interent.I can connect/pair 1 x adapter to 1 x unit but am not able to connect 2nd unit.Any ideas? I have 2 x separate Cable TV(Foxtel Australia) boxes that I can plug the adapters Ethernet cable to each box.Do I need to connect another(4th) adapter to my modem.So basically pair each TV box with 1 adapter each on modem?I have tried the reset buttons but cannot run around the house quick enough before all the lights stop flashing ;-(.I thought it would be as simple as 1 x adapter per tv then a main adapter to modem , maybe not?
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  1. you should be able to connect multiple ethernet over powerline adapters, you may need to go into their setup pages using the provided disc to enable it.

    i think the automatic pairing only works with 2 devices.

    looking at other sites on some you just pair the initial 2 devices to make the network then plug in a third adapter and it should automatically pickup the network or you just hit the pair button on the new adapter leaving the other two.
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