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Hello there.

Thanks for all the help on the last problem..great site!!

so i am planning on upgrading my current system.
So currently installed is a:
corsair HX-1000 watt
Asus crosshair formula -iv
AMD Phenom xii 1100t
g.skill 12 gig ripjaws
ATI HD6970

So now i want to up it to Intel. Never built an intel before and everyone has been telling me to go for the intel rather than the AMD FX-8350

so here is what i want to put in place of the parts mentioned above

Intel I7 4770k
asus sabertooth z87
corsair 16gb 1866 MHz LP (going for the low profile as i am not sure if my antec khuler will interfere with the ram seeing as the higher profile ones are so high)

Now here is where i am at a loss. Not sure which gpu to take.
It is either the GeForce GTX 770 OC with ACX or the same card but the 760 version.

Is there such a considerable difference that i will notice it or is the extra.
eVGa GeForce GTX 760 FTW & ACX & Dual Bios 04G-P4-3768-KR PCIE Graphics Card
EVGA GeForce GTX 770 Superclocked With ACX Cooler 02G-P4-2774 PCIE Graphics Card
EVGA GeForce GTX 760 Superclocked With ACX Cooler 02G-P4-2765-KR PCIE Graphics Card

the one is 4gb as well but apparently it is a waste at this point in time going for the 4gb as it cant utilize all the memory something i read somewhere.

any assistance would be appreciated

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    The 770 is a significant diference from a 760, altough unfortunatly the price is aswell.
    Honestly the 760 will handle every games as good as the 770 will, the 770 is simply more future proof (and i by that i mean like 4-5 years from now it will still kick-ass at eery game). If you want to save the money stick with the 760.
    And dont even think about the 4gb version UNLESS you are going to play on a triple monitor 1080p system, only then would the extra memory become an advantage.
  2. thanks for the great advice. Yeah i will go for the 770 as i am a bit lazy when it comes to upgrading, this one is now about 4 years old and just feels its lagging a bit..getting a bit grumpy with me at times..haha

    and i am not planning on triple monitoring for a while now...i am quit happy with my single monitor system at the moment.

    do you know anything on the difference between the i7 4770k and the fx 8350? some say its good the rest say its not?
  3. The long debate of the intel vs AMD cpu's.

    Intel is the better brand, their cpu's are in most casses better than AMD, what we have to consider here is that AMD provides cheaper CPU's much better for budget builds. Ley examine both of them.

    The intel cpu has an overall better architecture, Is hyperthreaded, and has a newer technology it also has a build in GPU. It stands at 4 cores with 3.5ghz of speed, almost everyone will tell you that 4 cores is enough for everything, and more than enough for games, but the i7 prices at 350~400 USD.

    The AMD contender.
    200$ USD price range (much much cheaper)
    8core CPU (double) 4.0 clock speed easly clocked to 4.5 or higher, it is also a favorite in overclocking.
    IT also has much moer l2 and l3 cache, basicaly the AMD would be a great choice for a rendering or 3d modeling choice.
    The fact is that the FX8350 would be ideal for editors and animators of such, but dont be fooled it doesnt fall behind in games, newer games will use more and more Cores as time goes by, and if you stream whyle yoiu play, more cores wont hurt. The fact is in games the i7 is maybe around 10% better than the FX8 it only depends if you think 150 USD is worth the extra small advantage (fps) in games.

    In short if you want a great quality CPU for litle money --> AMD
    if you have money to spend and want the absolute best --> INTEL

    Hope this helps, HF
  4. A few additional points:
    There's no gaming advantage with the i7, it's only useful if you regularly use multithreaded software that can take advantage of Hyperthreading.
    You don't state the systems uses but unless you're going to use memory intensive software 8Gb is more than enough.
    In gaming uses the AMD 8-core chips are not as good as their Intel quad core competitors although high overclocks narrow the gap. The reason is that on a core-to-core basis AMD chips are less efficient and very, very few games fully utilise 4 cores, much less 8, so the software is effectively only using half the AMD chips capabilities, or less. In software that can fully utilise those 8 cores AMD trounces Intel, not even Intels superior architecture and Hyperthreading can beat AMDs 8 physical cores here.
    The GTX770 is an excellent choice :) .
    I'd buy and install the 770 first, depending on your games it may be the only upgrade needed.
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