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I got an old HP dc7700p SFF which I would like to reuse as an HTPC, but I feel it would need a bit better graphics. However, I don't want to spend to much on having to switch power-supply as well so at the moment it only got the standard 240W.
Being an SFF it needs to be low-profile max 160mm long or it would hit the processor fan.
I found a few favorable comments on this machine and the Sapphire HD6450 1GB DDR3.
I also found the Asus GeForce GT630-SL-2GD3-L 2GB which might fit, but cost about twice as much here.
So I wonder if it's worth it or if there are any better alternatives given the above requirements?
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  1. Thanks, but Amazon lists it as 14 inches which wont fit in the case. Also, will it not be loud with 2 fans?
  2. Ah, OK, thanks for the info. Just to bad it wont fit in the case then.
  3. how much would you be willing to spend on the htpc?

    also can you give me what case you have?

    i personally have the eMachine el 1358g-51w (terrible i know) but i have upgraded my psu and graphics card and its silent. (fanless vga card)

    granted i have bought a 5.25 psu juicer to give it an extra 450w
    you can get a external disk drive for 20-80 search newegg, tigerdirect, amazon, or ebay
    the extra power psu for 20-40 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817206001
    card for 40-50 http://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/HD6450SL2GD3L/ (i found of newegg for 50 with a 10 MiR)
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