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Noctua A Series 40mm Fan with Sabertooth x58

September 4, 2013 1:22:25 AM

Can I put a 40mm fan on my northbridge and how would I install it?
Do I have to have a rubber grommet installed between the screw hole and the fan?
I use a Sabertooth x58 motherboard and it has a screw on the northbridge heat sink.
I'm new to posting so I guess this is my update.

I went to home depot after doing some research online about how some people mounted their 40mm fans to the NB. I put some spacers in between to create a 1/4 inch gap between the NB and the fan using one screw. I guesstimated the screw size which worked apparently. The spacers I bought have metal on one side and the rubber grommet on the other side so it worked perfectly.
My NB has cooled down quit a bit when on idle and working... keeping the air conditioning on works too. It's too darn hot outside!

Thanks for anybody who may have attempted to do research online about this.