PC won't boot; 2 sec long beeps ( gigabyte mobo)

My pc was working just fine till last night, but today when I tried to boot it up it starting giving long beeps sound. The pc doesn't boot up at all, I can't even access the bios settings. I have tried removing the gpu, and re-installed every component individually once again. I have tried booting without ram stick and without hard disk, but the system doesn't boot up at all,giving the same pattern of beeps' sound.
Here's my rig :
mobo : 78lmt-s2
processor : Phenom ii x4 965 be
ram : dynet 4 gb
gpu : zotac gtx 550 ti
psu : corsair vs450
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  1. Have you tried removing and re inserting your ram, that seems to be a fix for a few people on some forums i read??
  2. Yes I have tried that still no luck. RAM is fine. It is working fine on another pc. Any other tip ?
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