Will a 64GB SSD drive fasten my PC?

I've heard many people sayin that the SSD type drives will boost your PC... Is this true,cuz SSD's are way by far higher in prices than the HDD's? if so, will a Kingston 64GB be able to do the job? Any Help Would Be Appreciated. THanKs

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    64GB is kind of small. Windows 7 can use up to 20gig. SSD just boosts load times. Once a program/game is loaded, it will run at the normal speed. If you have a program that accesses the drive a lot, it will appear faster since it can load data faster.
  2. I agree with previous poster. Try and get 128GB SSD if you can.
    Having 128GB means you have space for the o/s and 2 or 3 of your favourite games

    Booting from SSD is lightning fast. Typically I will boot to desktop in 5-10 seconds :-)
  3. plan is,' using both SSD and HDD', than does that mean both work differently.(i.e. will the SSD fasten the programes in the HDD?) files can b stored differently in the SSD, since their storage style is different
  4. It only help loading programs faster. Unless the program is Disk I/O bound, the program is not going to run faster.
  5. It won't speed up any programs on the hard drive unless you have the hardware or software to use the SSD as a caching drive.
  6. I own a 64gb SSD and HIGHLY recommend getting a bigger one. I only put some stuff on it from time to time and it pretty well stays full. 64gb sdd usually cost not much less than a 100-120gb drive just go for something like a Samsung 840 (non pro) for about $100 and you'll be great
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