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Ok guys I have a SSD with windows and programs installed. I just purchased a new HDD 2 TB Seagate drive. I am wanting to just install the HDD so I can add more games movies etc. What is the easiest way to install? Also what is ide or ahci? Plz help
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  1. AHCI(vs. IDE) is a sata mode that enhances power management. It enables trim support for the ssd and is essential.
    Your new hard drive should have no problems with ahci. Just install it and enable it using windows administrative tools/computer management/storage/disk management.
    You should see your new hard drive. Format it as a primary partition.
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    It's simple... shut down and connect the new HDD. Boot up and format the HDD in Disk Management
  3. A new HDD should be AHCI - and it should just install right into the system. Boot priority might need to be set to SSD first, then HDD. Other than that, install, partition using Computer Management > Storage, format the drive and assign the drive letter. You might want to move your personal folders from the SSD to HDD. This is easy, just go to your libraries, right click Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos, choose properties, then assign a folder to the HDD. If multiple users log onto the computer, and you are worried about security, you will need to assign security to the new folders.
  4. Thanks guys I just connected it and changed the boot priority to the ssd and it booted right up. Then I formatted it and bam it works! Thanks again everyone!!
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